8 YEARS !!

It has been 8 years since our first collection, thank you everyone who has helped us on our journey.

A Warming Tale

We received this heart warming message from NECS So pleased also to see Shawn wearing one of the rugby tops donated by Pennthorpe school to us which we took out on our last visit.

Worrying News from Nkuringo

We have had some devastating news from Nkuringo regarding five of the secondary school girls. Although, as far as we know the Coronavirus has thankfully stayed away from the community to date, it is still having a huge impact on a lot of families. One such impact is families not being able to afford to […]

Building a Classroom

We are proud we have been able to give a donation to Nkuringo Education and support (www.necs.org.uk) towards the building of a new classroom /library for the school. Hopefully building can start before the children go back. Some children are currently able to attend satellite learning centres on certain days, but all children over 6 […]