Nkuringo Education and Community Support- Uganda (Charity number 1181777)

Nkuringo Education and Community Support (Charity number 1181777) provide aid to the Primary and Senior School in Uganda, they are a longstanding benefactor of Bags Of support and have recently been delighted to receive recycled school uniforms, shoes and other clothing from ourselves.
Karrie and her daughter have been on 3 aid trips to this inspiring community in Uganda.

We have also sent out hundreds of used bras to young girls and women in Uganda who cannot afford to buy them, without them they are exposed and vulnerable to assault; whilst they fetch water, collect firewood or walk to and from school.
As well as donating clothes to support the work of the Nkuringo Foundation, Bags of Support also sponsor 9 of the children there, so they can attend school and receive a life changing education. Our sponsorship also covers their board and food as many of the children live too far away to walk to school each day. Some of the children are orphans or are no longer able to live with their parents, because of poverty. We wouldn’t be able to help these children without your support.
Bags of Support have donated much needed funds to build classrooms at the school and are also financing the building of the house for the Batwa community.

We also buy hens and goats for the families