Great News About Karrie Mellor Our Founder

Below is an article from the NECS newsletter

Karrie Mellor and her charity Bags of Support have often filled the pages of our newsletters. Karrie has donated so much already to the community. She is also a sponsor and Go Uganda trip supporter. We were therefore delighted when Karrie accepted our offer to join us as a Trustee of NECS.
We have already benefitted so much from her enthusiasm, experience and commitment – it was a unanimous decision to welcome her on board.
As you are aware, one of our other valued Trustees, Kate Bishop, is currently on sabbatical. As a Head teacher she is, like so many, working her socks off keeping her pupils and staff safe and working as best they can through this pandemic. Karrie will take over the role of Treasurer from Kate. It is a role we all help with and as and when Kate returns she will be able to help us all support Karrie as she works her way through Gift Aid, Paypal and all the stuff that takes up time and yet is so important to the charity.
So not only are we blessed to have such an amazing person on board as a Trustee but over the past couple of months Karrie has again gone above and beyond in her care and support for the community.
We were thrilled to hear Bags of Support were donating £1000 to ensure completion of the Ryan Bonner Memorial Building at the secondary school. This was a building that Karen and Stephen
Bonner had kindly donated to build in memory of their son Ryan. Mel Dolding has been working hard raising funds to complete it and with that money (see pages 20 and 21) and this
amazing gift from Karrie we believe we are finally getting there! Hopefully as the weather gets better we can see the building progress even further and of course we all look forward to going out
and visiting it in person.
Karrie also kindly gave money to support the needy parents of pupils at the secondary school. She was so touched by the sadly true story of pupils being married off in exchange for goats by
parents who were so desperate to feed their children in these difficult times that their daughters paid the ultimate price.
Denis provided poshu to those most in need but made it very clear that NECS are not happy to see a girl lose all hope of a future for the sake of a couple of goats. He has promised to support and
advise these parents in the future to hopefully prevent it happening again
Welcome on board Karrie! Looking forward to going out to Nkuringo