Helping the community in Malawi

Recently we have been able to be involved in sending a container of clothes to a community in Malawi

Below is an excerpt from an email received by us from the Aid distributor.

“The warm smiles and joy on the faces of the children says it all. (we are going to school, we are well fed, we are friends and have a playground too.)

I know that so many of you have wonderful stories to tell and some of you have already shared a lot about the work that you have been doing in your communities.

I am always inspired by the passion and commitment you show in your efforts to bring hope and joy to communities everywhere. Some of your projects are truly inspirational, lifting families out of the slums and building new homes and new communities. I know that all of you are doing what you can with the often modest resources available and I commend you for that. The challenges are real, conditions often difficult, but you all keep ploughing away and pushing forward to reach new goals, empowering men, women and children to become the best they can.

I like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your kind support rendered to us over this last year, especially all of you sponsors, who are donating the goods to us and often giving freely of your time and resources to bless those which you have never even met. Without your kind and generous efforts, our impact would be somewhat limited.

This coming year, we are looking forward to impact even more communities with sports kit, tools, mountain bikes, sanitation equipment, school uniforms, clothing and educational resources as we are venturing into more partnerships and collaboration with other charities.”