Worrying News from Nkuringo

We have had some devastating news from Nkuringo regarding five of the secondary school girls. Although, as far as we know the Coronavirus has thankfully stayed away from the community to date, it is still having a huge impact on a lot of families. One such impact is families not being able to afford to feed their household due to lack of funds/food. They would usually have less mouths to feed during school term time as their children at school would normally be boarding.

Unfortunately five such families have had to take the desperate decision to marry their daughters off in exchange for money, goats, hens, cows, etc.

We have informed the sponsors of the five girls involved and I was waiting to hear back from them before posting on here.
I still feel sick at the thought of these poor girls being forced into a marriage and having their education taken away from them. Unfortunately, it is part of the culture of Uganda and these families don’t believe they have any other choice.
Denis, headteacher of the Senior school, is very upset about the situation and he has already formed a group with other teachers across the area. This group will be going around the communities, attempting to educate them that an education is just as important for young women as it is young men, as they will then have the opportunity to help their families in the future, hopefully avoiding situations like this. We as a charity will also be looking at ways to assist the school in anyway we can to help them with spreading the word and helping to show families that there is another way.

Girls from the Senior School

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